Double glazing windows, why should you fit them?

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Keep the warmth in your home all year round.

Did you know that you can lose up to 75% of the heating in your home if you still have single-pane glass in your home? This can have a massive impact on your annual bill costs. Don’t be worried double glazing can help.

Double glazing has the advantage of 2 panes of glass and an air gap in between. Air is not a very good heat conductor; therefore, the heat struggles to escape meaning more warmth for your home and lower energy bills.

Double Glazing can keep you and your family warmer through the winter months and save on your energy bills.

Did you know that double glazed windows can keep you cooler in the summer months?

It is a common misconception that double glazing can be hotter in the summer months. This could not be further from the truth.

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The facts.

In fact, you get double the protection. The warmth from your central heating can not escape in the winter months but in the summer months.

The air gap between the double panes of glass has the reverse effect keeping you cooler instead.

The double glazed windows actually deflect the heat from outside, keeping you cooler. This is down to the air gap not conducting the heat again, only this time from the outside and actually keeping your home cooler.

You might think at this point, then why not triple glazing or even more! Many studies have been conducted on the use of more panes of glass and the overall effect.

They have concluded that too many glass panes can have the opposite effect of making your home hotter in the summer months.

So it is a fact that with the UK’s climate that the most effective option is to install double glazed windows in your home.

It is the best option by far to keep you and your family warm in the winter and cooler in the summer for all year round comfort in your home.

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Another advantage of double glazing is noise reduction.

Were you aware that double glazed windows can drastically reduce the noise from outside your home, even in busy cities or high noise level areas?

For example, if your home is on a busy road, installing double glazing would massively reduce traffic noise.

This is undoubtedly is achieved by installing new double glazed windows in your home.

This again is due to that marvellous air gap we spoke about earlier. It reduces any outside noises considerably when compared to older single-pane windows.

This, when combined with standard house curtains, can guarantee you considerably reduced noise pollution. Resulting in a quieter home for yourself and family members.

before and after double glazing install

Summary of the benefits of double glazing

After looking at all the scientific evidence, we can conclude that the benefits of installing double glazing in your home will have a drastic effect on the general environment inside your home.

This will lead to lower energy bills, less noise pollution and generally a better environment for you and your family.

So it is factual that by installing new double glazed windows and doors to your home you will have all the benefits. Financially and to your general health well being.