How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?

It is hard to give an accurate price for how much double-glazed windows cost. When it comes to home improvements, cheaper isn’t always the best way to go.

In fact, investing in higher-quality windows and doors might actually save you more money than the initial cost! There are many ways that you can save on your energy bills, with the most common being double glazing.

The cost of uPVC windows is, again, hard to pin down accurately. The cost relies on a number of different variables. Therefore, to get an accurate price for your new windows, you should talk to double glazing experts (like us!).

In this guide, we have outlined some of the variables that could influence the overall cost of your new windows. We have also included a rough guide for new uPVC double-glazed windows, so that you know what sort of area you are looking at.

Double Glazed Windows Cost

The Location Of The Property

One large factor that can affect the cost of your new windows is where your property is located – even if the style, size, and colour of the windows are the same.

If property prices in your area are higher, you can expect to pay more for the cost of installing double glazing. If the property value in your area is lower, then you will likely find that your double-glazed windows cost less.

Style And Size Affects Double Glazed Window Costs

This is one factor that you will be able to have more active control over. Some types of window can cost more than others. More details below:

  • A casement window – between £325 and £420
  • Tilt and turn window – between £490 and £625
  • A dual turn window – between £575 and £670
  • A sash window – between £640 and £820

Note – this is an average price, and it not accurate for every situation.

Obviously, the larger you need your windows, the more they will cost.

Should you decide to have additional stylistic options as well, like colours, then that will also increase the cost.

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