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Quickstep Uniclic flooring from fabFloor
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Laminate flooring from fabFloor

Welcome to fabFloor, the Uk's premiere supplier of Quick-step uniclic laminated floor-coverings. We carry full Uk stocks of Uniclic, Parky, Karndean. Including all new ranges by Uniclic. Perspective, Perspective 4, Uniclic 800, Uniclic 800 Sound and Majestic ranges ...(more)
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We stock all major brands and supply throughout the UK.. Daily CLICK TO VIEW OUR PRODUCTS ...(more)

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 Quick Step Uniclic Laminate flooring, laminated floor installation

We specialize in the supply and installation of Quick step uniclic  throughout the Uk, with over ...(more)


fabFloor   We are the UK's leading supplier of Quickstep, uniclic ,Elesgo, engineered hardwoods, solid hardwood and Luxury vinyl floors. We also offer full nationwide installation/fitting services ...(more)STAIRCASE INSTALLATIONS

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  Quick Step Uniclic 800 laminate flooring from fabFloor THE WORLDS NUMBER 1


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Q Can I fit laminate flooring in my bathroom ?
Q Can I fit laminate flooring to my staircase ?
Q Can I fit laminate flooring in my conservatory ?
Q Can I fit my own Vinyl flooring ?
Q Can i fit laminate flooring in my kitchen ?
Q How do I cut the architrave neatly ?
Q How do I scribe a doorway ?
Q How do I cover the very very small gaps, between the
laminate floor and for example a door casing ?

Q Where do I start laying the floor ?

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If you're looking to install a DIY-friendly floor covering that combines the rich look of hardwood with the easy care of a laminate, then you may want to consider laminate flooring. Laminate floors that have been steadily gaining popularity since their introduction a few years ago. Plywood, concrete slab, sheet vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, or virtually any other flat hard surface is suitable for a laminate installation. Our laminate flooring section takes you step-by-step through the installation process. Plus, this section contains consumer information and care and maintenance tips for laminate flooring.


For a limited period we have reduced prices on all Bangkirai Decking, for the spring/summer period.

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NOW ONLY 2.59 / Linear m inc vat = 25.90 inc PER SQUARE METRE inc VAT



What is Laminate Flooring ?

There are basically two types of laminate floors as far as the construction is concerned. A direct pressure laminate and a high pressure laminate. The difference appears to be in the process of attaching the materials to the core. The direct pressure laminate is an extended one step process, whereby all the layers are fused directly to the core at the same time, and impregnated with aluminum oxide/melamine resins using heat and pressure. The direct pressure process is used by Witex. On the other hand, the high pressure laminates are a two step wear layer process used by Quick-Step. First the craft paper type sheets are glued together along with the print film, then this is glued to the core, and everything is bonded together under pressure. Both types of laminate flooring make an extremely hard surface that resist scratching, denting, sunlight fading, and even cigarette burns!

All laminated flooring consists of four main components that are bonded together. A wear resistant decorative surface made of resin based melamine/aluminum oxide. This material is bonded to a moisture resistant wood composition based core. A balancing backing is bonded to the underside of the core. On the top is a clear cap sheet of Aluminum Oxide, which provides the protection and stain resistance.

Most of the cores are made of high density fiberboard ( H.D.F.) saturated in resins to make them extremely hard. This allows the planks to be cut with a tongue and groove for ease of installation. Although the core materials are saturated in resins, planks can still swell from excessive amounts of moisture.

Underneath the core lies another layer, which  helps to stabilize the entire plank and in most cases acts as another barrier from moisture trying to enter from below.  Some flooring manufacturers make this bottom layer ( or Counter Balance Layer from Melamine) Most manufacturers saturate this bottom layer with resins to resist moisture, as well as, make the product more dimensionally stable.



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02. Elesgo Wood Flooring, SuperGloss
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05. Bangkirai Hardwood Decking
06. Unisound Underlay
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10. Elegance from Quickstep


JULY 2003.
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We get the FIRST stocks of Uniclic 800 Elegance, flooring before the official launch at DOMOTEX

New owners take over. Better service, faster delivery, sexier prices.

June 2004.
We have slashed prices of all FLOORING and accessories , to remain the UK's Number one supplier

June 2004
We are the UK's number one installer of laminate flooring.

February 2005
We are now offering 10% discount available on orders over

February 2005
New Durati Vinyl flooring ranges launched. See Products>Vinyl